01 Basic FAQs for End Of Lease Cleaning

1.What is End of Lease Cleaning ?

As per end of lease agreement, a tenant/ person renting have to return the house in a clean and maintained condition before his/her lease finished . This is called the end of lease/tenancy cleaning. It is a detailed and thorough professional clean of your rented property including steam cleaning of carpet of all carpeted areas of the House.

2.How long does it take to do end of lease cleaning ?

End of Lease Cleaning takes depends upon the size of the property (like bedrooms and bathrooms ) and depends upon the condition of the property . Typically saying it can take 2 to 7 hours depends upon the number of cleaners.

3. How much End of lease cleaning cost ?

End of Lease Cleaning is not a hourly job as oven , Rangehood, stove top can take long time to clean . So it’s a flat rate cleaning according to the size of properties and carpet steam cleaning is set priced cleaning.

4.What does an end of tenancy clean include ?

House cleaning Geelong’s End Of lease Cleaning basic package include kitchen oven , rangehood , stove top, bench top, splash back , cupboards , sink, bathroom, mirrors , exhaust fan, vanity , cupboards in bathrooms screen , vanity , sink , exhausts , bedroom cupboards , toilets , cupboards , cobwebing , skirtingboards , switchboards , windows inside , window sills , laundry , sink , cupboards and all hard floors vacuuming and moping floors and Dusting of all walls and ceiling. All other cleaning you can add at extra charges .

5. Is professional cleaning required at end of tenancy ?

Tenants are obligated to use professional cleaning services in Victoria for End of Lease Cleaning especially professional Carpet steam Cleaning of the carpet required in order to claim their bond deposit back .

6. Do I need to provides you cleaning detergents and equipment ?

House cleaning Geelong’s Cleaning teams will appear at property fully equipped all chemicals and things they needed to complete the end of lease cleaning service . Tenants don’t need to worry about any kind of equipments or chemicals .

7. Can I book a clean for House Pre salecleaning? 

Yes, we will be very happy to help you with the cleaning of a property you putting on market.

8.Do you require electricity to be on ?

Yes, for End of Lease Cleaning , Bond , Vacate Cleaning and Exit Cleaning we need power for Vacuuming, steam cleaning and Hot water turned on as well.

9. I Have Questions who do I speak to ?

You can call on 0481290093 Or email us at office@housecleaninggeelong.com

10. How long you have been doing end of lease cleaning in Geelong ?

We Have been doing end of lease cleaning in Geelong since 2013 means we are about 7 years of experience in this industry and lot of real estate agents knows our company and recognises our work by them .

02 Basic FAQs for Carpet Cleaning

1. Do you offer Carpet steam cleaning in Geelong ?

Yes , as carpet steam cleaning is the essential part of End Of Lease Cleaning , We offer Carpet steam cleaning in Geelong at Affordable rates .

2. How much Carpet Cleaning Geelong cost ?

Carpet cleaning prices depends upon the number and size and condition of carpeted areas that need steam cleaning . You can call and enquire about special offers running at the time for carpet steam cleaning for End Of lease or vacant property .

3. What method do you use to clean carpets?

We use hot water extraction method and it’s a wet carpet cleaning . We pre spray the carpet . Hot clean water injected into the carpet , process helps to lift grime , dirt and sucked out with powerful vacuum .

4. How long it takes the carpet to get dry ?

Drying of carpet depends upon the type of carpet , average home will take from 8 to 10 hours get dry.

5. How often do I need to professionally clean my carpets?

Professional carpet cleaning removes the embedded dirt and pollutants from the carpet fibre. We recommend you should get your carpet steam cleaned every 6 to 9 months . 

6. How much advance you want us to book the end of lease or BondCleaning?

It is always better to plan a week advance for End Of Lease Cleaning . As soon as you knows the exact date and time for  removalists vacant the property.

7. What is your Vacate Cleaning availability?

Our vacate cleaning teams and we are flexible, can do cleaning at short notice . We work from 8am to 5pm including weekends at same price .

8. What does vacate cleaning includes ?

Vacate cleaning includes detailed cleaning of kitchen , bathroom, toilet , laundry , cupboards , dusting , oven . Stove top , bench tops , vacuuming and moping etc . You can customised the cleaning according to your requirements.

9. What kind of products do you use for Vacate Cleaning ?

House cleaning Geelong teams use eco friendly, non toxic chemicals .

10. How do I book the Bond Cleaning for my House in Geelong ?

You can call on 0481290093 Or email us at office@housecleaninggeelong.com


03 BasiC FAQs for Bond Cleaning

1. What is Bond Cleaning ?

Bond Cleaning also known as End Of Lease Cleaning is a Thorough Deep Cleaning of a house , Apartment, Unit or an office that is required as per your Tenancy agreement ( required by Landlord, property Manager or real estate agent ) in order to get your Bond Deposit back that you paid when you first Leased the property . This includes full clean according to the checklist provided by the real estate , landlord or property manager .

2. How long does it take to do an Bond clean ?

Bond cleaning of a House , unit or apartment depends upon the size of the property and condition of the property . Fair condition properties take 2 to 7 hours.

3. How much an Bond Cleaning cost ?

For Bond Cleaning we have set price package’s According to the size of the property . So at House Cleaning Geelong’s bond cleaning packages are priced for full cleaning of the list that customer booked in .

4.Does bond cleaning includes windows cleaning ?

At House Cleaning Geelong’s Bond Cleaning package windows inside , window sills , tracks included . Windows outside is additional cleaning at extra cost .

5. How do I prepare my property for Bond Cleaning ?

When you moving out and before Bond cleaners arrive , tenant need to take everything out try to keep the property completely empty for cleaners to clean every corner of the property.

6. Do I need Hot water and power turned on for Bond Cleaning ?

Yes , For Bond Cleaning cleaners need hot water and power turned on.

7. Do I need to be at the property at all times ?

For Bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning we need access to the property and we need tenant or any other person on tenants behalf to have a look the property after completion and to sign off .

8. Do you provide a Bond Cleaning completion form ?

Yes , we do provide a job completion certificate showing description of cleaning after job completion.

9. Does oven cleaning included in Bond Cleaning ?

Yes , Degreasing oven and all oven racks cleaning included in Bond Cleaning .

10. How do I book the Bond Cleaning for my House in Geelong ?

You can call on 0481290093 Or email us at office@housecleaninggeelong.com

11. Why should I need professional Bond cleaners for my Bond Cleaning ?

Professional Cleaners can thorough clean your property in quick time as they have years of experience in cleaning and special equipment and techniques to complete the job in time and Relying on House Cleaning Geelong you will have extra free time to do other important things and relax.

12. Do you provide Bond Cleaning service in Outer Geelong suburbs ?

Yes , we provide Bond Cleaning and End of lease Cleaning all over Geelong including Torquay , Ocean Grove , Lara , Drysdale,Armstrong creek , Barwon Heads.

13. Do you remove fly screens while doing window cleaning in BondCleaning ?

Yes , we do remove fly screen’s from windows if possible and clean them as well.