Carpet Cleaning Geelong

You wouldn’t dump harsh chemicals, soaps, and detergents in our rivers, lakes, or woods, so why would you put them in the carpets of your home, where your family, friends, and pets spend hours at a time? Our revolutionary low-moisture cleaning technology as well as our green-certified products are both designed with the end goal of fostering a clean and safe home environment as well as a more sustainable world. When it comes to the professional cleaning of carpets, rugs, and upholstery, our mission is to provide clients with a choice that is not just cleaner but also better for the health of their families.

The eco-friendlier carpet cleaner

We have been trying to lessen the negative effects that our chemicals have on people,animals, and the environment for a very long time, long before “going green”, was even considered a criterion in selecting a carpet cleaning service. We have been cleaning using a solution called The Natural ® for more than twenty years now. This solution is completely safe and non-toxic, and it uses 80% less water than conventional steam cleaners. In addition, since Our method is modelled after processes found in nature, it revitalizes and thoroughly cleans the carpets in your house without the use of harmful chemicals. Hence, it is absolutely risk-free for you, your children, and your pets.

Verdant, spotless, and wholesome

Since the beginning of the environmental movement, we have been completely dedicated to the research and development of our patented carbonated cleaning solution, which we call The Natural. The Natural is one of the most natural carpet cleaning solutions you can buy since it gets its components directly from Mother Nature. As a result, your carpets will be left smelling clean and fresh after using it. With our solution, which is harmless for both your children and pets, you can have peace of mind and get some much-needed rest.

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